4-H and FFA Swine Show

4-H and FFA Swine

Date: Aug 01 - Aug 06, 2017

Superintendent: Dana Gettel
Extension Consultant: Brenda Kwang

The Swine Department has changed from a “weight specific” show to a “breed specific” show. What this means is that you are able to enter the hogs that you have purchased in breed specific classes. (ie. Hampshire, Yorkshire, Duroc, OPB (Other Pure Breed) Dark Crossbred and Light Crossbred) NOTE: They do not have to have registration papers to show at the Boulder County Fair. Although, if you want to take this particular hog to the Colorado State Fair, they MUST be registered or they will be considered a crossbred.

You can find breed types and characteristics in the Swine book and the swine department, in the Boulder County Fair Livestock Rule book.

Public participation welcome on Sunday, August 6th at 10:30 am in Barn B.

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  • Flynn and Company Welding Inc
  • Lee Hill Peat Inc
  • Rinn Valley 4-H
  • McConnell Realty LLC
  • Lisco Land and Cattle
  • Liberty Livestock 4-H
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