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Thank you for a successful 2018 county fair!

Demolition Derby

Date: Aug 11, 2018

Tickets can be purchased at box office two hours before event Start time or online below:

Adults: $20

Kids(4- 10 years) $10

3 & under—Free

Pit Passes: $35 (available at arena only, with waiver)

Participants: To enter go to the website:

Entry questions: See Go-Derby website or

call Terry Frank at 970-301-0012 or Steve 970-371-5698

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The Boulder County Fair Demolition Derby has tons of car crashing, engine revving, dirt-flying fun. This multi-heat demo derby is an annual favorite at the fair.

Classes include the following:
  • Limited Weld Cars
  • Full Weld Cars
  • Limited Weld Compacts
  • Modified Stock

Congratulations to the 2018 Derby Winners!

Compacts-LW Stock
1. Frank Mendoza 1. Eric Rivord
2. Macey Billinger 2. Evan Boyer
3. Angie Walters 3. AJ Mikkelson
4. Cody Robertson 4. Jeff Paxton
Full Size-LW Full Weld
1. Jacob Gould 1. Jeff Boyer
2. Cody Robertson 2. Evan Boyer
3. Landon Winslow 3. Josh Wilson
4. Brandon Frank 4. Nate Cole
2018 Full Size-LW winner Jacob Gould
2018 Full Size-LW winner Jacob Gould 
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