Firefighter Volunteer Information
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Firefighter Volunteer Information

Date: Aug 02 - Aug 03, 2019
We’re asking for 26 volunteers per day for the Firefighter Combat Challenge at the Boulder County Fair. We rely on volunteers to ensure that our events go smoothly.
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Volunteers needed:

Catchers: 4 first day. 2 second day

Catchers are required to assist competitors after they cross the finish line. First day catchers take off helmet, regulator and Mask. On the first day we do Individual races (one Compeditor on each lane completes the entire course using mask and air regulator.). Second day catchers stop the competitors after they cross the finish line and direct them back to the ready tent.

Mask and air tank handler: 1 (first day only)

After the catchers get the mask and air tanks off the competitors they transport the mask and air tank over to the Liberty. (Liberty is where the air tanks are refilled and the masks are sanitized and cleaned)

Liberty runner: 1

Help a crew member clean masks and take them and refilled air packs back to the ready tent down by the starting area.

Hose setters: 6

It takes three people per side. One in each end of the extended hose and one in the middle to drag and reset the 1 3/4" fire hose back to marked location.

Rescue Randy reset: 4

It takes strong people capable of picking up a 175lb rescue Randy. One on each side to pick up and place on a low roller cart. Role the Randy back to the marked location.

Keiser setters: 4

It takes two people on each side to clean and reset the Keisers

Stand up a 160lb steel I beam clean the plastic runners and stainless steel trays, dab oil on plastic runners and replace Keiser I beam. They are also responsible for resetting the targets from the hose drag.

Tower: 2

This is where we need very responsible strong volunteers to lower the 42 lb donut role and hook a rope to the 42lb high rise pack and lower.

Hand out boots: 1

We have sponsor Globe boots available for competitors to use.

Hand out Globe boots and put competitors drivers license in card box so we know who has the boots. Take back the boots spray with boot spray, put back on shelf and give competitor back there license in exchange.

Kids course: 3

Two people go with the kids through the kids course helping and encouraging the whole way. One volunteer takes care of dressing kids in fire helmet and jacket. In addition making sure all kids have had a parent sign a release form to hand to the starter prior to entering the course.

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