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Boulder County Fair - Thur, Aug 10 - Sun, Aug 13, 2023

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Your Stories

The best part of the fair…is YOU and our fair would not be complete without your stories. Click the buttons below to submit a quick form to be featured!

Clarence Kneebone Story

Clarence Kneebone has been a part of the Boulder County Fair where he's volunteered for more than 25 years.

Please click on the link below to see the full write up on Clarence

Courtesy of: Patricia Logan
Reporter Left Hand Valley Courier Writer/Producer - Print, Digital, Video

Creative Living Virtual Submissions

Jae Brown artwork 
Deborah Coccoli painted rocks  
Susan Steven #1 painting 
John Roper action photography 
Susan Steven #2 acrylic painting 
Susan Steven #3 oil painting 
Barb Roper pantry items 
Cliff DeJong 
Jennifer Clark Photography 
John Freeman 
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