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10 full days of fun at the Boulder County Fair

Boulder County Fair

4-H & FFA Livestock Shows

Getting ready to watch the Demo Derby

Get ready for some Kick-In up fun at the 2021 Boulder County Fair. Each year the Fair implements a full marketing strategy that includes print, radio, television, digital and social media placements. Below is the 2021 marketing strategy.


• Radio– 4 regional radio broadcasts
• Advertisement in 13 local newspapers and magazines
• Fair website – Google Analytics Sessions 83,509 Page Views two weeks leading to Fair and 257,934 during the 10 days of Fair.
• Social Media exposure on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.
• Facebook Followers 8,491
• Digital advertising with high 9.7% click through rates.
• 45,000 pieces of printed flyers distributed throughout the community.
• Billboards and bus signs
• Comcast select audience viewing and Channel 9 programming segments
• Newsletter reaches 4,500 households

Advertising is chosen to integrate all forms from TV, print, radio and social media. This year’s advertising will duplicate last year with the addition of more community event postings, additional social media marketing and e-mail newsletters. We have a google grant which increased 50,000 viewers to the website.

Direct Benefit

• Banners are hung throughout key areas of the fairgrounds. These banners are strategically placed in areas where fairgoers watch performances such as the outdoor arena which had over 4,300 fans at the demolition derby.

• Banners are also hung in the indoor arena with livestock shows, the market sale and the fair garden for free music.
• The entrance areas or road areas are other opportunities for high traffic exposure.

• As a partner of the 2021 Boulder County Fair, we welcome the opportunity to meet with you and create a custom made package of investment opportunities that will market your product or services.

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